Unpacking The Easyline Express Journey

Uniting an exceptional fleet with skilled drivers and an unwavering commitment to ensure your parcels reach their destination, Easyline Express is a story about family, service and dedication that stretches over three decades.

In 1986, a man named Tony Caceres had a vision – a vision to create a delivery and postal service company that stood for reliability, efficiency and most importantly, family values. Born out of this vision, Metro Connection Courier (MCC) was established, a company destined to leave an indelible mark on the delivery industry. Recognizing this immense responsibility, Tony understood that it was more than just transporting items. Therefore, he established a company dedicated to treating each delivery with the utmost respect and prioritizing every customer’s unique requirements.



We aspire to become the globally preferred and admired logistics solutions provider.



Easyline Express strives to deliver the most reliable and highest quality express and logistics solutions on an domestic, and intra-city basis.


Big Enough To Serve You

Over the years, as our company grew and evolved, so did our name, eventually becoming Easyline Express. However, one thing that never changed was our commitment to the values that Tony embedded in our roots. Today, Easyline Express is helmed by Tony’s son, carrying forward the family tradition and serving over 2000 active customers with a fleet of over 20 cars, vans, and straight trucks.

But the story of Easyline isn’t just about our family; it’s also about our drivers, the unsung heroes of our company. They are the lifeblood of our operation, many of them are family, not just by blood, but by the shared commitment, shared purpose, and shared morning conversations over a cup of coffee in our office.

Our Family Values

Each day presents a fresh canvas for us at Easyline Express, and we seize it with relentless determination and a passion for service. This steadfast dedication fuels our story, propelling us to move forward into a future rich with potential. Together with our family of employees, we continue to journey towards new horizons of growth and service, ever ready to carry the legacy of Easyline Express into the promising future.

From the bustling city streets to your doorstep, Easyline Express is here, delivering more than just packages – we deliver trust, reliability and a legacy that continues to grow with each passing day.


Our Operations Team